Monthly Archives: December 2013

I’m a Winner

  If I win one million dollars and I don’t have to pay tax, I will divide and donate the money to various of charities. I will donate money for needy people. I will buy toys for needy children and food for needy families. I will buy clothes and shoes for needy families, and other things a family needs.


Christmas Lights

  My favorite holiday is Christmas, because I get to see wonderful Christmas Lights. One particular memory was in December 23, 2011, I just got out of the hospital 3 days before Christmas. The next day my mom and dad took me and my brother to see nice Christmas lights. It was so nice, almost the whole neighborhood was covered by Christmas Lights. One particular decorations I like was the Ferris Wheel, and Santa Sleigh. They were nice.

My Autobiography

To my viewers, readers, and followers here is my autobiography. Hi, my name is Josephine Lie. I’m 13 years old. I have black hair, brown eyes (probably one of the reasons why I laugh a lot), I wear glasses. It doesn’t mean I’m a Google!! I wish I am though. I think I’m 5’0, I’m not sure. I don’t check my height every year. I was born on June 8, 2000. I’m a Gemini, no wonder I am a smart girl. I’m not only smart, I am kind, sweet, gentle. I can be annoying like the annoying orange!!! Is there actually an annoying orange? I think I saw a picture of one. Anyways, I like to read a lot, or maybe not a lot. I like to read the news, I like to see what’s going on in the world. Before I read the news, I don’t know what’s going on. Ok ok, enough off-topics. I’m really in a good mood, before I was in a sad mood. Now, I’m really helpful. So what is your impression of me right now? I am very funny, you think? Am I good enough to be a comedian? Maybe!!! You think so? Aww thank you!!! I am also very creative when it comes to writing. I am just exposed to many good stories and movies. What is the one thing I like? I like sweets, I am craving sweets right now. I ate m&m’s earlier this evening, they were delicious!!!!!! I am also craving chips especially the sun chips!!! Am I going off-topic again? Yes I am. I’m going to talk about my family!!! I have an over-protective mom!!! And I have an over-protective dad. My parents are very protective of me, it’s goood to have an over-protective parents. I have a 5 years old little brother, he is very annoying. He’s smarter than me, he’s good at his academic. (neerrdd!!) I’m jealous of him. I have a Grandma she is 66 years old. I’m going to tell you about my bffs’. I have 5 bffs’, they’re all kind to me. I can just be myself around them!!! I miss them because I’m not in the same school as they are!!!

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