My Autobiography

To my viewers, readers, and followers here is my autobiography. Hi, my name is Josephine Lie. I’m 13 years old. I have black hair, brown eyes (probably one of the reasons why I laugh a lot), I wear glasses. It doesn’t mean I’m a Google!! I wish I am though. I think I’m 5’0, I’m not sure. I don’t check my height every year. I was born on June 8, 2000. I’m a Gemini, no wonder I am a smart girl. I’m not only smart, I am kind, sweet, gentle. I can be annoying like the annoying orange!!! Is there actually an annoying orange? I think I saw a picture of one. Anyways, I like to read a lot, or maybe not a lot. I like to read the news, I like to see what’s going on in the world. Before I read the news, I don’t know what’s going on. Ok ok, enough off-topics. I’m really in a good mood, before I was in a sad mood. Now, I’m really helpful. So what is your impression of me right now? I am very funny, you think? Am I good enough to be a comedian? Maybe!!! You think so? Aww thank you!!! I am also very creative when it comes to writing. I am just exposed to many good stories and movies. What is the one thing I like? I like sweets, I am craving sweets right now. I ate m&m’s earlier this evening, they were delicious!!!!!! I am also craving chips especially the sun chips!!! Am I going off-topic again? Yes I am. I’m going to talk about my family!!! I have an over-protective mom!!! And I have an over-protective dad. My parents are very protective of me, it’s goood to have an over-protective parents. I have a 5 years old little brother, he is very annoying. He’s smarter than me, he’s good at his academic. (neerrdd!!) I’m jealous of him. I have a Grandma she is 66 years old. I’m going to tell you about my bffs’. I have 5 bffs’, they’re all kind to me. I can just be myself around them!!! I miss them because I’m not in the same school as they are!!!

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